Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Better than Mel Brooks?

Penis jokes! Okay, now you probably don't even need to even bother reading the rest of this review of Mel Brooks's "Young Frankenstein" at the Orpheum

Jay Gabler is still giving us props in TC Daily Planet:

"There are a lot of penis jokes in Young Frankenstein, and sure, some of them are funny—but honestly, I laughed a lot harder at the danger-zone jokes in writer Corrie Zoll's Beaverdance at Bedlam in December. Maybe Zoll's better than Brooks at coming up with amusing genitalia-themed double entendres, maybe vaginas are just funnier than penises at this particular point in history, or maybe supersizing a production makes it harder for simple offhand gags to register. Unless Beaverdance hits Broadway we'll never know..."

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