Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Beaverdance on MPR

On Minnesota Public Radio today:
"Once you combine Karl Marx with the Voyageurs, it's got to be a holiday show because Karl Marx has a big beard, and he could be disguised as Santa," Bueche said.
The Beaverdance story gleefully sets logic and historical accuracy aside, as well as most of its sense of decorum.
Bueche is in the show, as well as Corrie Zoll who plays Karl Marx, dressed in a Santa suit.
"And the thing was," said Zoll, "as soon as we found Foxy to direct the show, we realized we could cut some costs because right away the beaver costumes got a lot smaller."
It's an evening of slightly raunchy silliness, filled with double entendres. So who should see it? One cast member said it's a show for all the family, as long as everyone is older than 14.
Zoll describes the Beaverdance this way: "It's a show that your mother would like, but it's probably not a show that you would tell your mother you went to see."

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  1. *I* was the anonymous cast member, although I'm not actually in the cast. Just the humble lyricist.