Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dwight Hobbes on Beaverdance

From TC Daily Planet:

"On the way, Bedlam Theatre's open. Chancing it that artistic director John Beuche's on the premises, I stop in. Lo and behold, his is the first face I see. He treats me to a glass of Summit and, while we're waiting for the bartender to get around to us, I grill John on what's what these days at Bedlam. We step into the house, where the set for Million Dollar Museum is a week away from production. The area's an intriguing expanse of odd imagery that surrounds seating for the audience. John and I chat. Turns out Foxy Tann will direct the Christmas holiday show, Beaverdance. I roll my eyes in delight. With that dauntless heathen at the helm, it's a perfect match of artist and venue. Foxy Tann is an unbridled hellion and Bedlam—well, it didn't take the name idly—is a madhouse of irreverence. The conversation's cut short after about 15 minutes. John has work to do. Anyway, I gotta get home. He takes his leave. I wolf down my beer and beat it."

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