Monday, November 16, 2009

Beaverdance Rehearsal weeks 2 and 3

As rehearsals roll on, we are focusing on the all important scene work. Week 2 was filled with discussion between Heather and the actors about character development and interpreting subtext. An example: "Maybe Blaine has a lumberjack costume in the closet".
The beavers are pushing their stereotypes, which is great.


Week 3 we were able to stumble through the entire show! Which was great, seeing as we have only a couple weeks before the show opens. I also had the awesome opportunity to stand in as Santa, and since my dreams of being Mrs. Claus at Macy's were shattered, this was a small victory.

All the music is coming together wonderfully. Its always nice to be a part of a production that is constantly evolving and having everyone be able to take ownership within their roles in the production. Everyone is working dilligently, this is going to be a very well though out and clever production.

I'm excited to see what rehearsal week 4 will bring. I mean, with a cast like this, what else can happen?

Some good quotes taken out of context:

"We're not going without a fight, this beaver's got teeth!"

"Bleuh Fromage, get your ass onstage."

"Oh, did we tell you we're adding a stripper pole?"

Ending note: I think everyone should find their inner beaver. So think about how your beaver would react in certain situations.

1. Your beaver is in immediate harm, there are dangerous unidentified objects aiming straight for your beaver?

How would your beaver react?

2. Your beaver is very happy, what would be a situation that would make your beaver happy?

Is there an abundance of wood? Easy access? Now, what would happen if that was happiness was taken away? How would your beaver react?

These are very much like the questions our beavers have to answer every rehearsal. Are they reacting as a Hopeful beaver, a radical beaver or a wise beaver?

Until next week friends, I mean beavers.

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