Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Christian Beaver

This video should approximate the level of maturity we're aiming for here:

Lyrics from the Boy Scout Trail:

Beavers One, Beavers All,
Let's all do the Beaver crawl!
(make crawling motions with hands or crawl on ground)

Beavers Two, Beavers Three,
Let's all climb the Beaver tree!
(make motion like climbinb a tree)

Beavers Four, Beavers Five,
Let's all do the Beaver Jive!
(do hand jive motions)

Beavers Six, Beavers Seven,
Let's all go to Beaver heaven!
(do hand prayer, close eyes, and sway)

Beavers Eight, Beavers Nine,
STOP! - - It's Beaver Time!
(Do crazy dance and Nah, Nah, Na-nah singing of Hammer Time song)

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